Restoration means to restore.

In respect of the original features and functionality, the initial state of the galvanic treatments of the details of your cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles, furnishing accessories or other. Regardless of the shape, physical condition, or objective value of your details and accessories, we perform the restoration of old chrome plating with the utmost care and attention, always with the utmost seriousness and using traditional methods.

Nevertheless, the article does not always come back as new: the deep ‘scars of time’ or the important dents present, can sometimes hinder our work and disappoint final expectations; However our “treatments” allow the object to continue to give emotions and to resist over time with dignity and beauty. Nevertheless, setting a price before performing the restoration is a daring thing. For this reason and to better protect the customer, we always assume a rather wide range of costs. The waiting times required for a good restoration can last up to twenty working days.

Our restoration treatments.

Crema del Cromo® is a real beauty treatment and care for your chrome details.

Regularly apply the Crema del Cromo® on the chrome of your bikes, boats, furniture and will remain protected, shiny and shining for a long time.